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How To Get Started In Real Estate

One of the most common questions we receive is “How do I get started in Real Estate?” So we decided to put a guide together to get you pointed in the right direction.

What Am I Getting?

When considering real estate you need to keep it simple and to do so lets look at two sides of residential single family real estate. We will focus on single family housing. This is typically the best place to start, as you can get started with low amounts of money and learn a lot about the business.

Real Estate Investing 101

Option 1: Wholesaling

The act of getting an off market property under contract
and then selling that contract to an end buyer. To close,
you will double close or use an assignment contract.

Option 2: Fix and Flip

This is probably one
of the most popular tactics for making money in real
estate, due largely to the numerous shows on cable TV
that promote it.

Option 3: Rentals

The act of purchasing a discounted property to do
minimal repairs and rent out to a tenant to receive
what is called cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits.

Figure Out What Route Worked Best

"I knew I wanted to get involved in Real Estate somehow, I just wasn't sure what avenue to take. After reading this guide I was able to figure out what route worked best for me and now I wish I would've found this sooner. " - Justin Richards
Dallas, TX 

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